About Me

My name is Pearl Ahlquist- Ruby I have been an active Realtor for over 23 years, my passion for people and their welfare is what keeps me going, thank you for allowing me this opportunity to introduce myself. I can relate to the home buyers and sellers of today because I faced similar adversity early in my own life. My dreams were the same as many of the clients of today.
In 1992 I was a single parent on welfare, with no credit history and a dream – I wanted to own my own home and provide for my daughter without state assistance. I needed a plan. I decided to get my Real Estate License with the help of a very good friend of mine. My parents have always been supportive and with their help I worked as a waitress in the mornings, real estate school in the afternoons and tending bar at night although to most it seemed an impossible hurdle, I was on a mission. I received my real estate license and began my rewarding and successful career in Real Estate and Lending.

It is my sincere belief that I have been successful because of my honesty, integrity, and a genuine concern for the welfare of the clients I stand for.

Pearl Ahlquist-Ruby